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How Much Can You Afford



How Much Can You Afford?

This is the question that must be answered.

It is essential that we know what your finances can afford before deciding whether a consolidation loan, debt management, IVA or bankruptcy is the answer. Since there's no point restructuring your finances if the monthly payments are too high.

These figures allow us to see how much you owe and to whom. They also allow us to calculate what you have left each month to pay towards any arrears which have built up.

But, there are other questions which need to be asked:

    • Could you get a cheaper mortgage?

    • Are you overpaying on your credit and store cards?
    • Is your life or health insurance overpriced?

After all, do you really want to be wasting money on an overpriced mortgage or insurance policy? Wouldn't you rather be using that money to get out of debt even faster?

That's why a Personal Credit Review goes into more detail than just simply listing your creditors. It is not enough to tackle any current problems. We believe it is just as important to see if there are any other problems hidden away in your finances. Problems that could be a drain on your finances over the long term.

That is the job of a Personal Credit Review. To take a look a your credit commitments and see where savings can be made. So that more of your money remains with you.


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