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The Ms. Spent Money Guide

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The Ms. Spent Money Guide
by Deborah Knuckey

American money coach, writer and speaker Deborah Knuckey, provides the perfect down-to-earth book for the world’s indebted 20- and 30-somethings. Known from her internet money advice column and her regular appearances in the media, Knuckey has produced a book designed to help foster the Conscious Spending philosophy for which she is so respected.

As this American book says, "Over the course of your life, you will probably earn more than a million dollars &ldots; How will you spend it? Will you consciously use it to live out some of your dreams, or will you unconsciously spend it just living? Will you consciously choose your lifestyle, or will you unconsciously drift into it?"

This is the reality of life for the majority today. No matter how much money you have coming in, it always seems to be just not enough. Bonuses and wage increases somehow seem to be frittered away. And


life just isn’t being lived the way you’d hoped.

This is where Conscious Spending comes in. By helping you focus on getting the most out of your money, Knuckey guides you to achieve your goals and dreams without the repression and austerity demanded by lesser books. This innovative approach allows the reader to refine the philosophy to their own needs and wants using the resources they have.

The book also includes some inspirational case studies which will not only instruct you, but help to equip you as you put into practice its teachings. Teachings that will help you:

  • Manage your money so that you have enough left after your bills to do the things you want;

  • Keep sight of your big goals, even when the daily grind bites;

  • Develop easy and painless habits to stay on track.

Whether you are an over-spender, an irrational spender or a compulsive spender, Conscious Spending is about helping you change your spending habits. Enabling you to concentrate your spending on what you enjoy most without wasting it on non-essentials which bring you no pleasure.

The upshot is a book which is written in a friendly coaching style. Free from judgements, it focuses on helping you to define your goals and use what you have to move towards them. Ginita Wall CPA, CFP, Director of the Women's Institute for Financial Education ( wrote, "I found Deborah Knuckey’s book both informative and interesting. Her Conscious Spending approach can help every woman, in every financial situation, to be more aware of her money habits".


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