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More Titles




Get Your Finances Sorted
by Mark Dalton, Geoffrey Dalton

Mark and Geoffrey Dalton show how anyone can build up a sizeable nest egg, simply by turning the usual approach to savings completely on its head.

This is sound financial advice in a nutshell designed for people with modest incomes who want to build an immodest amount of savings.

With its jargon free approach and friendly style it is easy to read and even easier to understand. Designed to work for people who have no financial strategy whatsoever, the authors have produced a book that can do what the title claims &ldots; Get Your Finances Sorted.

Kickstart Your Money: The Complete Guide to Managing Your Personal Finances
by Rachel Fixsen

Expert financial journalist Rachel Fixsen addresses all aspects of personal finance in this book designed to meet the needs of those people who are serious about planning their careers.

Fixsen provides an authoritative guide to the bewildering maze that is financial planning. Helping the reader negotiate the money maze and determine the best foundation for a secure financial future.


Whilst other financial books work on the assumption that income is fixed and it is expenditure that must be reduced, Fixsen takes the opposite approach. ‘Kickstart Your Money’ isn’t just concerned with helping you get the most out of your money, it is also concerned with ensuring you get the maximum income from your career.

By tackling the intricacies of managing one’s career, this book distinguishes itself from the purely money management books. From maximising your salary to self-employment and working abroad, Fixsen deals with them all.

Major financial headaches such as pensions, long-term savings and investment plans are also dealt with, as the art of balancing career and financial goals is expertly covered.

This is a money book, make no mistake. It is about ensuring you are in control of your finances. But it doesn’t end there. By addressing the issues of career and the impact it can have on your income, Fixsen enables the reader to develop a comprehensive long term strategy for life and not just a budget.

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