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Money for Life

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The Ms. Spent Money Guide

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Money For Life
by Alvin Hall

Known to millions from the BBC TV series ‘Your Money or Your Life’, Alvin Hall brings his exuberant style of personal money management alive in this very popular book.

In well over 200 pages, Alvin guides you to a debt free and more secure future. There’s no financial gobbledegook here. Alvin’s style is simple and straightforward. This is common sense, but with a huge chunk of personality ... personality a la Alvin.

And it is Alvin’s personality that makes for a witty and informative read. His message goes far beyond "Don’t spend what you haven’t got". It is

about being in charge of your finances and making the most of them. Knowing what you are actually paying for the credit you use and ensuring you get the best returns for the money you have.

By keeping this book jargon free, the reader is able to absorb what Alvin has to say at their own pace. With chapters covering: reducing debt, credit cards, investing, budgeting and buying property it is easy to dip in to it as and when you need a little extra advice Alvin-style.

The witty style, so popular with his television fans, is repeated here. And just as in the series, he challenges you to address your financial problems. Also familiar to his tv fans are the case studies. Examples of clients whose financial situations are so precarious that even the gentlest of breezes could topple their house of cards.

At the start of each chapter there are handy questions to help you identify your own ‘financial personality’, a boon for those who are still hesitant when it comes to unearthing the horrors that may be buried in their finances.

But with Alvin’s help you will be able to confront all lingering evils. With his expert tutelage you can get your life back. You can be debt free and be in charge of your finances.

By following his common-sense approach to financial planning anyone can extricate themselves from any financial black hole, no matter how big or black that hole may be.


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